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August 24, 2012

Todd Akin's War Against Women

"First of all, from what I understand from doctors, [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down." -Representative Todd Akin, Sunday, August 19, 2012.

Missouri Republican Rep. Todd Akin was born July 5, 1947 in New York City. His time of birth is unpublished. Prior to making the above comment, he was the leading Republican candidate in his Senate race, and August 20, the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee said the committee had withdrawn advertising planned for the Missouri race.

Akin's comment has caused a political fire storm, and although he has publically apologized, many women feel insulted by the comment on several levels. First of all, he calls into question the issue of, 'legitimate rape,' implying there is more than one type of rape (that is not legitimate), and implying a woman's body has the ability to prevent a pregnancy if a rape has occurred. It is hard to believe someone who would espouse such a view is actually a sitting member of the House Science and Technology Committee. But, let's take a look at the more dominant aspects in his chart to understand more about him.

Akin is a 12 degree Cancer with Mercury in Cancer, so he is an emotional thinker. Those born with Sun/Mercury in Cancer are emotional-intuitive thinkers and at times it can be difficult for them to make rational decisions about something they are opposed to or feel is unfair. As a result of their emotionally charged thinking they often don't make allowances for other opinions. As a result they are generally not found in the math and science fields. They are often involved in creative endeavors, teaching or an occupation that would involve swaying the masses through communication. Which is of course, exactly what a politician does.

His Sun squares Neptune and this is usually indicative of people who often have a deep seated inferiority complex often as a result of early conditioning, alcoholic or absentee parents or parents who did not connect to the nature of the individual child. Sometimes it manifests as an interest in the occult or spiritual side of life, but the individual can get lost along the way. Often it represents an individual who hides their true motivations or simply does not present the truth about situations in their lives. These individuals are often deceptive either knowingly or inadvertently naive.
Akin grew up the son of a Reverend, which set the course of his belief system.

The moon is an indication of one's emotional life, and in a man's chart the moon represents all the women in his life. Akin was born with a moon in Aquarius. Moon in Aquarius individuals consider themselves independent humanitarians and often convey such views. They have the ability to reach out to groups and individuals from many walks of life, but do not have such an easy time with one to one relationships that require personal warmth and intimacy. His moon lies in his eighth house from his Sun which is commonly associated with sex and taxes, (other people's money) death and rebirth.

His moon opposes Saturn and Pluto at 8 and 12 degrees of Leo in the second house of income/ security and things the individual places value on. The second/eighth houses are commonly associated with what is considered mine (the individual) verses the collective which includes ideas. The second house also relates to the relationship we have with our own body. The eighth house rules sex, death, phobias, compulsions, and things the individual does not have control over. With the opposition to his second house, his personal sense of security is involved with trying to control emotions and issues concerning women (the moon) and their relationships with their own bodies, and he does not especially value the ideas of independent women.

Saturn and Pluto are conjunct in Leo at 8 and 12 degrees. Saturn-Pluto individuals can hang on to ideas, situations and views with great tenancy and stubbornness. There is sometimes a marked desire concerning revenge, and a strong drive to succeed at any cost. Author-Astrologer Jeff Green wrote, "(individuals with Pluto-Saturn aspects) will promote the need to actualize and realize their own authority, and establish this authority within society." Since these planets oppose his moon he will come into conflict trying to impose those ideas on women, who will be a focus.

Moon opposing Saturn individuals (men) often have difficulty relating to or dealing with women or their own emotions. Often their partners have difficulty relating to them, as well. The moon represents all the women in his life and how he perceives them. Saturn is a cold, harsh planet, all about responsibility and obligation, and an opposition means the greatest obstacles seem to come from other individuals (often women). The fact is, the individual in question often creates problems, which others react to in a negative way. Moon-Saturn individuals often come across as cold, and have an interest in doing the perceived 'right thing,' which often becomes the most important thing to them. Moon-Saturn men often respond coolly toward women or don't trust them, and often have/had cold relationships with their Mother or family members. Some of them have long, but cold marriages and relationships, or their partnerships are based on a strong sense of responsibility, obligation and duty. Love and matters of the heart will always take a back seat to duties of a Moon-Saturn individual. Akin has been married since 1975 to Lulli Akin, described as an evangelical Christian, homemaker, and education pioneer.

Moon opposing Pluto individuals are very intense in their emotional lives, and not always open about their feelings. They often try and control what people know about them. Pluto is about control, sex and obsessions, and these individuals often react in this manner. With Saturn opposing his moon (he is not in touch with women, doesn't trust them, and doesn't relate well to their personal issues) as well as Pluto (Moon-Pluto oppositions often work themselves out through control issues, and becoming a breeding ground for all types of emotional issues surrounding women and the emotional life) Akin's relationships/perceptions of women would be basically cold, non- trusting, reserved, obsessive, and controlled or controlling.

Another catalyst in Akin's chart is Jupiter, at 17 degrees of Scorpio. Politics and laws are the realm of Jupiter, also religion and philosophy. Jupiter in Scorpio is intense, and would give the individual a shrewd business sense. These individuals are uncompromising in their beliefs and viewpoints.

Looking at this aspect from his Sun sign, Jupiter in the fifth house rules children (as well as love/love affairs) and it squares Saturn and Pluto in his second house, which also rules body image. So, from this we can easily deduce his stance on women and abortion. He objects to it from ethical, moral, religious and monetary viewpoints, and does not believe women have the rights to control their own bodies. Since he doesn't trust women or relate to them personally, he does not believe they can objectively define rape. Author Jeff Green wrote about Pluto-Jupiter individuals, "Some individuals will develop an attitude of philosophical and intellectual superiority when they repeatedly find that others do not, or cannot comprehend what they are trying to say. Superiority promotes the need to convert others to one's own point of view." Sometimes this transit manifests itself as inferiority.

Jupiter square Pluto individuals can sometimes set themselves up as a law unto themselves, often espousing dogmatic codes that exert control over others. This trait can be seen in his refusal to drop from the race, which the Republican GOP has called for. He defies his own party dictates and sets his own rules. Jupiter-Pluto individuals can become arrogant and unyielding in their determination to follow what they consider their true path.

Akin's chart may have a T-square between the second, fifth and eighth houses, which is a complex stressful pattern that emerges as a single minded motivation throughout life, for better or worse. But, without his time of birth it is impossible to ascertain.

Akin's actually meant exactly what he said about 'legitimate rape', and it has even crueler undertones disrespecting the rights of women who have been raped, calling into question the type of rape as opposed to the universal viewpoint that rape is unacceptable under any condition. With Jupiter (politics-government) as a catalyst, Akin believes he has the political wherewithal and personal right to make laws that control women according to his own personal viewpoints, and he was/is speaking from and about a time period of long ago where discrimination toward female victims of felonious sexual assault was the norm, and women were considered the perpetrator of the crime, or the crime swept under the rug. His personal sense of security is at stake and his belief system is embedded with the idea that women cannot be allowed control of their own lives and bodies.

Akin really does not like women as independent individuals; he believes their actions should be circumscribed and controlled and thinks it is his place to become the catalyst of these actions. He may regret his words for political reasons, but he did not in fact, misspeak; he simply conveyed his own personal world view about "legitimate rape" and women to the world.





August 6, 2012

Jerry Sandusky: Coach, Pedophile, Architect of disaster

A jury convicted former Pennsylvania State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky of 45 counts related to child sex abuse, closing a dark chapter for Penn State, and the young boys who endured sexual abuse from a man who was once a nationally known college football coach. He faces a maximum sentence of 442 years in prison and barring a reversal on appeal will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

Sandusky founded the Second Mile Charity and used it as a cover to find young boys to sexually abuse. He was married and he and his wife adopted six children, one of who spoke out against him, claiming that he had been sexually abused as well. He led a double life for more than 20 years as a society icon and pedophile, abusing young boys that were entrusted to his care.

Sandusky was born January 26, 1944 and is a double Aquarius with his Sun and moon in the sign which are generally connected with rationality and rational thinking.

His Sun and Moon oppose Pluto at 7 degrees of Leo. Individuals with Sun/Moon-Pluto in challenging aspects can be 'control freaks,' and sometimes have deep seated issues relating to power over others, as well as compulsive behavior, that could include sexual behavior as Pluto rules sexual behavior to some extent, among other things. This transit can also drive a person toward success and achievement in life, which Sandusky attained. Certainly not all individuals with this transit would be child abusers; it takes more than one aspect for a person to spend years abusing children. Pluto rules power, sex, drive, and sometimes those born with Pluto in the seventh house get into relationships that are of the impossible type, and relationships in general can become a breeding ground for issues, control and manipulation as well as compulsive behavior, unless the individual in question learns to channel his or her behavior in a positive direction. Sometimes, those with Sun-Pluto transits in their natal charts have experienced abuse themselves, then go on and perpetrate the same behavior on or toward others. But, this represents worst case scenario, and is just one aspect in his chart that alone would not make him an abuser. It also contributed to his success.

Sandusky has a complete lack of the water elements in his chart. The water signs-Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are associated with compassion and feeling. His chart is dominated by Fire and Air signs associated with reason, logic, and thinking, but leaving out the feelings of personal warmth and compassion for his victims. Prior to his discovery, he appeared a compassionate man in the eyes of the world, as he started a charity and adopted children. Aquarians often have a 'world view,' but with no element of water in his chart he lacked the personal compassion to understand the damage his abuse would cause the children he molested. It is likely he coldly thought his actions through, and covered his trail for many years. But with no compassion involved, there was in all likelihood no remorse for what he did, because he lacked the element of compassion toward others, that water signs provide in a natal chart.

Mercury rules the mind and thinking and Sandusky's Mercury is in Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and can be considered a cold sign, and this would represent someone with analytical, unfeeling thinking. Mercury in Capricorn is often found in the charts of successful analysts, and business people. Another reason he likely thought his conquests through coldly and logically, and another transit that contributed to his success as a coach.

Sandusky's Moon in Aquarius opposes Jupiter in Leo in his house of partners. This transit indicates someone who thrives on being admired and perhaps served by others. He tends to exaggerate around others and desires being in the spotlight. Jupiter rules young men and boys.

Sandusky's Venus and Saturn oppose each other at 27-20 degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini. Venus-Saturn individuals are often insecure and find it difficult to give or receive love, and this generally emerges as a pattern in life. These individuals sometimes prefer partners who are significantly younger or older. Underneath the bravado, Sandusky was an insecure man who expected to be rejected, and was never able to give or receive love freely, or offer real compassion to others on a deep level.

The most telling aspect in Sandusky's chart is Mars conjunct Uranus. This conjunction allows me to rectify his chart to early morning (around 7a.m.) giving him a Capricorn ascendant. Rectifying a chart means the astrologer finds something-an aspect that falls into a certain house that can describe his personality or using major events in a person's life to calculate the timing. Astrologer-writer Dave Roell came to the same conclusion, as to his birth time. "And he has Mars-Uranus conjunct in Gemini. That's touchy. It's violent. Gemini is a male sign. Mars is a male planet. Gemini is a mental sign. It likes analysis. It has no emotions, it is heartless. (Robson called it cruel, which it is, unwittingly so.) If those two were in the 5th house of sex, that would be sudden, forceful, cruel sex with boys. As it turns out, I have just discovered the key factor in Jerry Sandusky's chart, the key to Jerry Sandusky himself. My hunch that places his Mars-Uranus conjunction in his 5th has given me the means to rectify his chart. I did this by working with simple keywords. Sun-Moon-Aquarius keywords were not suggestive of anything sexually wrong. Jupiter-Pluto-Leo keywords were not suggestive of anything sexually wrong. But Uranus- Mars-Gemini implied violence and boys. Placing them in the 5th gave them sexual connotations."

Mars-Uranus in the fifth house of children is the key element in Sandusky's chart. For an individual to become a pedophile, killer or any other type of person despised by society requires more than any one transit, but there is generally at least one that stands out.

Looking at Sandusky's progressed chart using the above mentioned birth time, his Sun has progressed to 14 degrees of Aries. The heat was turned up on Sandusky in 2011, and summer of 2011 Saturn was opposing his progressed Sun around 13-14 degrees of Libra. This represents the absolute turning point and the beginning of the end for the once renowned coach, and Sun-Saturn transits can indicate conflict with authorities. His progressed Jupiter, retrograde at 16-17 degrees of Leo also opposed his Sun. Jupiter rules young men and can also indicate legal difficulties.

His luck was over, as were his days of abusing young boys.




June 12, 2012

Mitt Romney and the Neptune-Pluto-Uranus T-Square

Mitt Romney will be the Republican nomination for President of the US. Romney is a 1 degree Gemini ascendant, born March 12, 1947 in Detroit, MI. He has a Sun, Mercury and Mars in Pisces. His Mars is at 6 degrees, falling within 7 degrees of his Mercury at 13 degrees of Pisces, which falls in his eleventh house of friends and group associations. While these planets have a wide orb, individuals with Mars-Mercury close together are often involved in public speaking or debate, and issues involving speech, or speaking often becomes important during their lives. They can also be abrupt at times, and sometimes even verbally abusive, or speak before they think.

Throughout the spring-summer, Uranus will sextile his Venus at the top of his chart at a point known as the mid-heaven which signifies the career, honors and achievement. Romney was born with Venus at 8 degrees of Aquarius which lies next to his mid-heaven at 8 degrees of Aquarius. As Uranus sextiles his Venus over the next few months, this represents a once in a lifetime career opportunity. Venus in Aquarius is in a sign that favors politicians, and Uranus-Venus transits bestow popularity, sparkle and opportunity for the duration of the transit.

Romney's Sun is at 21 degrees in Pisces and squares his Uranus at 17 degrees of Gemini. This is one of the most prominent configurations in his chart, and Uranus-Sun individuals are often prone to revolutionary sentiments. This aspect often gives a large ego, and often this individual has an identity that connects to their own sense of personal freedom. They sometimes do not relate well to others who may try and push them in a certain direction and at times they can react with defensiveness. These individuals march to the beat of their own drummer and don't want to feel hemmed in by society or others. The thoughts of the mainstream do not usually interest them, and they are often thought of as 'born rebels.' Some form of this configuration is historically found in individuals who acquire power through military coups. Mercury also squares Uranus, a configuration that can make an individual very changeable mentally, and often changeable in his/her opinions as well as brilliant, on occasion.

Both Romney's moon and Venus are at 27 degrees of Scorpio and lie in his sixth house of work. This is a positive influence for work and career, and men with a Jupiter-Moon conjunction are more likely to have a harmonious marriage if the transit is not adversely aspected. The transit shows a deep inner sensitivity being in a water sign.
Neptune lies in his fifth house of children and love affairs at nine degrees of Libra. It is trine his Venus making him a romantic and showing a love of children, as well as creative.

Throughout spring and summer Pluto is squaring Romney's Neptune at 8 degrees of Capricorn, and Uranus will be opposing it at 8 degrees of Aries forming a T-Square that becomes 'exact' June 6. This is a major life-altering configuration that will play out during the next several months. A T-Square is a configuration involving two planets in exact opposition to each other, making a 90 degree square aspect to another that looks like a triangle. Oppositions generally indicate problems that come from others, and squares are indicative of struggles in general.

All individuals born in 1945-47 will experience this life altering transit, and many relationships will change or be altered as a result of this once in a lifetime transformative configuration that is affecting Neptune in the sign of relationships. How their lives will be changed depends upon their individual natal chart and where natal Neptune and this T-Square is occurring in their personal chart. It will be individual in its effects to each person.

The fifth house is generally concerned with children, friends, and love affairs, and Libra rules relationships of all types, that include governmental relationships as well as marriage. Neptune in Libra in the fifth house of a natal chart generally signifies a great creative and transformative force, as well as relationships with children and lovers that will play significant and idealistic roles in the individual's life. When Pluto squares Neptune in the fifth house, look for changes to occur in these areas, and the definition of these relationships to change or alter in some way. Pluto is the planet of transformation and change, and one way or other significant changes will occur during this period. Pluto-Neptune transits have an obsessive quality to them.

Uranus is the planet indicative of sudden and unexpected change. Uranus opposing Neptune often deals with situations of a deceptive nature, and can involve separations from friends and partners as well as difficulties related to partners. This transit sometimes represents a lack of clarity as to direction and as well as drastic revision of goals and objectives. It can also represent a desire to overthrow the existing order and unexpected problems with money, taxes and other people's money. There is generally a great deal of confusion associated with it, and sometimes people unexpectedly leave one's life.

All in all, the transit in Romney's chart is indicative of scandal, changes with friends and partners and unexpected and unplanned difficulties in relationships of all types, as well as issues over taxes and other people's money. The houses involved are fifth, the eighth house of sex, money, taxes and other people's money, and the eleventh house of friends and groups, as well as hopes and wishes.

This configuration will be set off when Mercury squares his Neptune and opposes Pluto June 11-12. June 30, the Sun squares his Neptune and opposes Pluto. The week of July 14 could be significant to Romney as Mercury retrogrades on his Saturn at 12 degrees of Libra. July 20, Mars conjuncts Neptune, opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto, and this will also set off the transit, as well. The July 3 full moon in Capricorn is a date to watch concerning Romney as well as July's new moon in Cancer on July 19. He will face many planetary challenges over the next 60 days.

It is interesting to note that former Presidential candidate Herman Cain had/has the same configuration in his chart with his Neptune at 8 degrees of Libra, as well. When he withdrew from his candidacy for President, Pluto was squaring his Neptune, along with other transits.

Romney's wife Ann will experience some difficult Saturn transits in late August-early September as Saturn opposes her Sun/Venus at 26 degrees of Aries. Ann is an Aries through and through with four of ten planets located in the sign of the Ram. She was born April 16, 1949, and her time of birth is unpublished. Saturn opposing Sun-Venus is a difficult transit and one can often feel disconnected from their partner at this time. Sun-Saturn is a tiring transit that is often seen when health problems arise, but is otherwise tiring and negative. By late August-early September Neptune retrogrades back to 0 degrees of Pisces, placing it within 1 degree of opposing her Saturn in Leo located in her fifth house of children, friends and love affairs.

Ann experienced this Neptune-Saturn opposition during 2010 and 2011. This transit has been referred to as the 'dark night of the soul,' and is indicative of people and situations that may fade out of one's life. An individual often is confronted with unpleasant situations during this period, and often one's perception of reality is severely challenged at this time. Sometimes this transit can relate to degenerative type diseases, as well. This will be the final pass of this transit for Ann. She will experience the same Neptune-Pluto-Uranus T-Square as her husband in 2013, as her Neptune lies at 13 degrees of Libra.


May 23, 2012

Goodbye Donna Summer : Disco Queen of Hearts

Donna Summer was born Donna Adrian Gaines on December 31, 1948 in Boston, MA. She became the disco queen pop icon of the late seventies and early eighties and will be remembered fondly by those who danced the nights away during the disco craze of that period. Donna passed away May 17, 2012 in the morning hours of lung cancer she believed was caused by toxic debris from the 9-11 tragedy.

Donna was born with five of the ten planets in her fifth house which rules creativity. She has a Sun at 10 degrees of Capricorn, making her a serious individual who worked hard to achieve her goals. Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and the Moon also fall in the house of creativity conspiring to make her a natural born entertainer.

Her Venus is at 14 degrees of Sagittarius sextiled by Neptune, and this configuration makes for a fine musician or artist. It bestows a fertile and active imagination and allows the individual to seem to 'soak in,' their surroundings as though subtle psychic vibrations.

Donna was born with Saturn trine her Sun and Jupiter. This configuration would make her a hard worker, and the discipline to work would come easy. Saturn trine Jupiter is often a transit associated with the ability to make money in one's lifetime.

Uranus is located in Donna's tenth house of career at 28 degrees of Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet associated with singing, writing and the voice. Individuals born with Uranus in the tenth house have unusual careers that sometimes change over time.

Neptune, the planet that rules drugs and alcohol, is square her Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in her fifth house. Neptune square Sun and/or Jupiter individuals are often prone to drug and alcohol problems. It is public knowledge Donna struggled with drug problems, and she states in published reports to have gone through a 'Janis Joplin,' phase when she was in her late teens. The same Neptune square can also indicate psychic ability and an interest in spiritual matters, and she is reported to have had psychic experiences. Individuals born with Saturn in their twelfth house can often become their own worst enemy, and are frequently too critical of themselves.

Summer's well known hit, 'Love to Love You Baby,' was released in August of 1975, followed by a string of other hits. During this period Jupiter, the planet of gain was sextile all of her Capricorn planets in her house of creativity giving her luck with all she undertook. In the following years as she reached a peak of success Uranus trined her Uranus in her tenth house of career bringing once in a lifetime opportunities. It was during this period she became queen of the disco to an entire generation who sadly mourn her loss.

Timing of Death

Summer passed in the early morning of May 17. At this time the Uranus-Pluto square was falling directly across her 10 degree Sun (as well as Jupiter), at 7-9 degrees of Aries-Capricorn. The Sun represents the individual, the vital core of the human being. Transiting Uranus was located in the eighth house, which often concerns death.

The May 20 eclipse would fall directly on her mid-heaven, opposing the fourth house/cusp, thought of as the house representing the end of life. Eclipse energy can begin long before the event occurs.

Neptune was opposing Saturn at 3 degrees of Pisces-Virgo from the sixth to the twelfth house. The twelfth house is often associated with hospital stays, illness, even death. Neptune-Saturn transits are sometimes associated with degenerative type diseases. Mercury was opposing Pluto in the twelfth house as well. Mercury rules the lungs and this transit can also be associated with timing of death, but only if other major transits and progressions are in effect as well.



April 24, 2012

Dick Clark

Dick Clark was born on November 30, 1929 in Bronxville, NY. He passed away April 18, 2012 after minor surgery. He had a Scorpio Ascendant and a 29 degree Scorpio moon, making him an emotional Scorpio with a passionate inner life. That said, he is just barely a Scorpio moon, as it is less than one degree away from the sign Sagittarius giving him emotional traits of both signs. Individuals with a Sagittarius moon are usually upbeat, freedom loving and generally happy, as long as they don't feel confined. His Venus is also in Scorpio at 21 degrees, giving him a confident and intense nature, and making his passionate about his chosen craft.

Clark has three planets in Sagittarius: his Sun at 7 degrees, Mars at 8 degrees and Mercury at 9 degrees. With Mars and Mercury in the sign of 'wide open spaces,' communication and speech was bound to play an important place in his life. With these three planets together in the most expansive of signs he was destined to dream big, and pursue even bigger dreams. Sun/Mercury/Mars individuals are outspoken and could be a perfectionist in any debate or situation that involves speaking. He had an analytical mind, and great condor, that could be irritating to some. Sagittarians are known for being brutally honest. This type of individual would excel in a field requiring adept speech and love to share his/her views. These three planets in Sagittarius opposing his Jupiter in Gemini gave him eternal youth as a result of a lifelong desire to keep up with the times and learn new things.

Neptune falls in Clark's tenth house of career at ten degrees of Virgo. Neptune rules the creative arts, and Virgo would make him a perfectionist. Mercury opposing Jupiter gave him the gift of gab, a constant interest in current trends and a desire to know and understand future events in his business. Mars squares Neptune in his chart, and this transit provides an inner dream world and is the soul and inspiration often found in a true artist.

Uranus falls squarely in his fifth house of creativity and love affairs. Uranus in this house would denote a career in the entertainment business or involving creativity. Individuals with a prominent Uranus often follow a very unusual career path. Uranus trines his Sun/Mars/Mercury giving him charisma and sparkle and making him adept at finding opportunities. Uranus sextiling Jupiter was destined to give him financial success and wealth. Uranus in the fifth might denote unusual experiences relating to love affairs, and many of them might not be permanent. Dick Clark was married three times.

Saturn lies at 1 degree of Capricorn, giving him a great head for business. It falls in his second house of money. Individuals with this transit will work hard for their money and often accumulate more of it as they get older.

Clark got his start on a televised show called Bob Horn's Bandstand in 1952. When Horn left the show Clark took over as full-time host on July 9, 1956, and the show ultimately became Dick Clark's American Bandstand. Through his efforts it was picked up and distributed by ABC. At the time he took over as host of the show Jupiter was sextiling Saturn in his second house of money. Jupiter is the money planet and this transit went a long way toward helping his success. Within months Uranus would trine his Sun, a transit that often brings some of the biggest opportunities of a lifetime. By the next year Uranus would sextile his Jupiter bringing financial success as well.

Clark's success in life could be predicted by his natal chart, and the timing of transits at the start of his career meant he was in the right place at the right time, along with the talent to succeed.

Dick Clark brought his own brand of creativity to the music world and was loved millions. Goodbye, Dick Clark, you will be missed!




February 15, 2012

Whitney Houston: Voice of an Angel - Life Cut Short

She had the voice of an angel, super model looks, made millions of dollars, and had international superstar status. She had a mystique that was magic and alluring even in her darkest moments. But, at the end it was not enough to prevent or overcome the personal demons that plagued her life right up to the end. The final chapter of her life was played out alone in a hotel room in Los Angeles Saturday afternoon, February 11, 2012, where she was found dead lying in a bathtub. Whitney Houston, beloved by millions of fans worldwide, was pronounced dead at the age of 48. Neither the well wishes of millions or the love of those close to her could change it. She joins a long list of beloved celebrities who died as a result of drugs, either directly or indirectly, and questions and rumors about her final hours will be speculated on long after she has been laid to rest.

Whitney Houston was born August 9, 1963 at 8:55pm. Several major aspects dominate her natal chart, contributing to events that led to her death. Neptune falls at 12 degrees of Scorpio, lying in her eighth house of death, drugs and other people's money. It creates a T-square between Venus/Sun and Saturn. A T-Square is a configuration involving three planets that include a 180 degree opposition and two 90 degree squares. When a chart is dominated by a major transit such as this, the individual's life will be troubled according to the nature of the planets involved and their house positions, and an aspect like this one will make or break the individual. On one hand, it gave her the magnetism and creativity to become one of the world's most loved entertainers, and at the same time it led to her distorted personal life. Venus at 11 degrees of Leo falls in her sixth house of work and health, squared by Neptune in the eighth house of drugs, other people's money, and death, then opposed by Saturn in her 12th house of self-undoing. Venus rules love and money and the T-square involving these two planets would lead to a difficult, if not impossible love life, permeated with problems and obstacles. Drugs/alcohol lies, debt, prisons, isolation, self defeating behavior and betrayal could all be part of the nature of this configuration, and it would not be an easy road to travel. Venus opposes Saturn in a wide orb of eight degrees. Venus-Saturn individuals often have a difficult time finding love, and when they do, it frequently leads to relationships with Saturnine type themes-restrictions, lack of sensitive feelings from others, hard times, and problems imposed by a partner who can be too harsh, restrictive or problematic in some way. Neptune in her eighth house tells us part of the problem is related to drugs or alcohol, along with a very romantic attitude regarding love. Neptune-Venus individuals are highly romantic, often creative, and frequently 'in love with love.' They will go the distance for their partner and sometimes accept behavior from their significant no one else would. Sometimes they cling to a relationship when all hope is lost. Those born under this transit often have an idealized image of their love, as opposed to a realistic one. It can also describe a partner with drug or other addictions associated with the planet Neptune-the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion. Whitney fell in love with troubled singer Bobby Brown, and then spent a decade on the front pages of the tabloids as she herself became addicted to drugs during the marriage. Venus-Neptune individuals can desire love to the extent they are destroyed by their own actions. Marilyn Monroe had almost the same exact fixed T-square in her natal chart! Her Neptune at 24 degrees of Leo fell in her sixth house squaring Saturn in her 8th house of death, and opposed her Venus at 20 degrees of Aquarius. Marilyn was another beloved performer who tapped into the magical energy of Venus-Neptune, but never found lasting love, and in the end died alone of a drug overdose. She too, was the architect of her own undoing, along with the others who helped her along her personal path of destruction.

Whitney's Sun at 16 degrees of Leo opposes Saturn in her twelfth house and is part of the T-square involving Venus and Neptune as well. Saturn in the twelfth house represents an individual who is often their own worst enemy, as well as 'secret enemies'. These individuals might go unknown and undiscovered for years, posing as a significant entity in the individual's life. These people could be thought of as friends, family members, or even lovers, before the person discovers they are not actually playing a helpful role at all. Sun in twelfth house is considered the house of karma, and the individual often follows what is seen as a life where most events whether good or bad are outside the individuals control. The Sun represents the soul of the individual and in a woman's chart it represents the Father, and the primary men in the woman's life, including husband. Often the Father is not really present in some way, or emotionally unavailable, abusive, or weak, and entire identity of the individual becomes affected. The primary relationships to parents often set the tone for what is to come in life and women with Sun-Saturn oppositions in the natal chart often end up with partners who repeat the patterns of limitation learned in early life through the father. Whitney's Father was divorced from her Mother Sissy, and married a woman 40 years his junior. He passed away in 2003, and Whitney recently won a lawsuit against her step Mother over the insurance policy that was meant to be hers, according to news reports. This is indicated in her chart by Pluto squaring natal Mars, and Whitney must have felt very angry about her right to collect the life insurance. According to published reports, her Father owed her money that was supposed to be repaid years before. The younger Mrs. Houston was angered, and allegedly wanted the money to pay off her mortgage. Whitney was dealing with issues surrounding her Father up until the end of her life.

Whitney's moon at 17 degrees Aries opposes her Mars in the eighth at 8 degrees by a wide orb. Mars-Moon individuals frequently experience a great deal of emotional turmoil, especially in relationships and marriage. In a woman's chart this can indicate associations with violent men. Mars in the eighth indicates an abusive, dangerous partner, and Pluto in the seventh house of marriage indicates difficult relationships, possibly with someone who has could have criminal tendencies. Pluto events can be life or death situations and this placement indicates a partner that could have something to do with her ultimate demise. Numerous reports indicate husband Bobby Brown contributed to her drug abuse, he was arrested on more than one occasion, and accused of battery. Pluto conjunct Mercury/Uranus in the seventh house would indicate an obsessive-compulsive quality about relationships, and the combination is sometimes fatalistic in terms of attitude. This transit gave her a perfectionist drive and a keen intellect with her music, but it kept her connected to the wrong type of individual for too long a period of time. Uranus in the seventh house indicates a person likely to divorce or not sustain a stable relationship.

By looking at the prominent transits in Whitney's chart we can get an idea of the major themes of her life during her last year. Transiting Pluto-Mars transits bring out the inner rage in an individual and they often feel pushed beyond their limits. It is a transit that can indicate violence, break ups, and power struggles, along with a need for self-regeneration. There is often conflict over money and joint finances. During the Uranus-Pluto square in spring of 2011, life would have been filled with explosive, sudden events, and power struggles and rage, as well as life threatening dangers. This is the realm of Pluto-Mars. Add Uranus to the mix and events happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Add to that Saturn conjuncting her Mars in the eighth house (drugs) and spring of 2011 would have been a draining, volatile time with many unexpected events taking place in Whitney's life. Published reports say she entered rehab in May of 2011. During the same period Neptune entered Pisces, creating an opposition to Uranus in her chart. Neptune rules drugs and alcohol, and these tendencies are often triggered by transits of this type. By fall of 2011 Saturn was opposing her moon at 16 degrees of Aries. Saturn-Moon transits often coincide with issues and struggles with women, self reflection, loneliness and feelings of isolation or depression.

Eclipses are timing factors and the December 2011 lunar eclipse fell very close to her fourth house cusp. Along with the eighth and twelfth houses, the fourth is often linked with end of life.

By January 2012, Pluto was moving forward again squaring Mars in her eighth house of death, (exact at time of death.) On February 4, Neptune moved back into Pisces, the sign ruling drugs and alcohol, opposing her Uranus in Virgo. The new moon on February 7 fell in Pisces and conjuncted Neptune, the sign (and planet) associated with drugs and alcohol, opposing Uranus, Pluto and Mercury. Moon-Uranus transits often deal with sudden and unexpected events, and Pluto concerns life altering events.

Last 48 hours:

Both the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius conjuncted Saturn in her twelfth house. The twelfth house is sometimes referred to as the 'end of the journey.' While Whitney has been portrayed in the media as being social and having fun (Jupiter trines her Uranus, a transit indicative of exuberance and over-indulgence) the influence of both Mercury and the Sun conjunct Saturn show a far different picture that what was portrayed. Sun-Mercury/Saturn transits, especially hitting the twelfth house would be considered generally prone to tiredness and exhaustion, depression and desirous of spending time alone. There is often a sense of self-doubt, worry, responsibilities and critical developments can affect reputation and career. These transits would represent insecurities, potential arguments with others, and problems with romantic opportunity. By the time her body was discovered on February 11, the moon in Libra had crossed Mars, the planet in her eighth house (death). Pluto was squaring Mars at time of death, exact.


The Heavenly choir has a new voice now. The voice is angelic and yet familiar to us all. Whitney's voice stands out strong among the many others. She sings with the vigor of her youth, in days unhampered by years of abuse. Her voice does not waver or crack now and her passion will continue to inspire us all long after she is laid to rest. Whitney Houston, thank you for so much - RIP.




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