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January 18, 2013

What is a Void of Course Moon?

The moon orbits the Earth over a period of 29.5 days from new moon to new moon, changing signs every 2.25 days. When a moon is considered void of course it means that the moon has made it last major aspect in that sign, and will not aspect another celestial body until it changes signs.

Many interactions (transits) occur between the moon and various planets as it cycles around the earth every month. Each aspect typically lasts only a few hours, and there are typically 13 void periods each month, which can last from a few minutes to hours, sometimes as long as several days.

The moons transit through each sign sets the stage to affect our feelings. The moon is connected with our emotional life which changes daily. As the moon aspects various planets, this too can affect our moods and feelings, playing a role in the outcome of events that occur in our lives.

As the moon enters its void of course phase, it is as though it is taking a rest. For a short time we may feel out of sorts and it is considered best not to make major decisions or purchases during a void of course phase. Sometimes, we may not even notice this period it is so subtle, but decisions made during this period will often not turn out as expected. During these periods it is best to focus on spiritual matters or reflect, rather than act, if possible.

Following are the void of course periods for the next 30 days. You can check it out for yourself. Time is EST.

January 18th 7:40 P.M. – 8:36 P.M.
January 20th 1:16 P.M. – January 21st 9:04 A.M.
January 23rd 6:42 A.M. – 10:00 P.M. *** Moon is void all day
January 25th 3:35 P.M. – January 6th 9:20 A.M.
January 28th 11:56 A.M. – 6:27 P.M.
January 30th 8:59 P.M. – January 31st 1:36 A.M.
February 1st 8:03 P.M. – February 2nd 7:02 A.M.
February 4th 7:31 A.M. – 10:45 A.M.
February 5th 3:42 P.M. – February 6th 12:55 P.M. Moon is void for a day
February 7th 7:44 A.M. – February 8th 2:17 P.M.
February 9th 2:20 A.M. – 4:20 P.M.
February 11th 12:03 P.M. – February 12th 8:51 P.M.
February 14th 10:35 P.M. – February 15th 5:08 A.M.









February 24, 2010

A Favorable Time


Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces-Taurus and Capricorn

Jupiter in favorable aspect to the Sun (Trine, conjunction, sextile ) is among the most favorable periods of life. Generally, health is good, spirits are above par, life is prosperous, and it is a time of new opportunities on the horizon. If there have been health issues, Jupiter represents a time of healing and if for any reason disappointment or misfortune has occurred, Jupiter energy is favorable in every way in terms of bringing life back into balance, in a more harmonious manner. If obstacles have been placed in your path, Jupiter will ease the way around the obstacles through new opportunities or your path will be made easier as a result of his rays. No planet or transit is ever nullified in it's totality, but If you chart shows other transiting planets affecting you in an adverse way, Jupiter will serve as a form of personal protection, that is, the adverse planets will usually not live up to their full potential or a solution to the problem will be shown, or a better path taken. Jupiter is in favorable aspect to the Sun about 25 per cent of the time.

This year (2010) Jupiter is in Pisces most of the year favorably affecting water and Earth signs. If you are a Pisces, Jupiter in your own sign should bring a better than average year in many ways. It is a once every 12 year occurrence, and you have every chance of success whatever your undertaking. If you are a Cancer, Jupiter is in great aspect to your Sun and favorable for publishing, travel, education, dealing with foreign people, and success in whatever endeavor you pursue, including new relationships. Scorpios have Jupiter in their 5th house of children, friends and love affairs and it is here you will prosper this year. Taurus Sun Signs have Jupiter in their 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes and have every chance of excelling with groups or corporate entities, and in the area of whatever their hopes and wishes may lie. Capricorns, especially those in the early degrees of their sign (1-5 degrees) can use all the help they get from Jupiter in the area of 3rd house matters, a more upbeat mental state, short trips, conversation communicating, writing and in every way your daily interaction with the world should improve.

June 6-September 9 Jupiter enters Aries for 3 months brightening life for Fire/Air signs born in the early degrees of your sign. (1-5 degrees) If you are an early Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini or Aquarius you will benefit throughout the summer with Jupiter in Aries respecting your Sun. It will return again for 6 more months late January, 2011.

Jupiter re-enters Pisces September 8, 2010-January 22. It goes direct after a 4 month retrograde period October 18 at 23 degrees of Pisces and if this is hitting your Sun or a personal planet in your chart you should feel the positive affects in a remarkable way.

Jupiter/Sun is a favorable influence financially and in general helps money matters go smoothly with fewer obstacles or delays. It is the most favorable of influences for applying for a new job or dealing with any money issues at all, or for that matter legal matters and situations. If you are under the influence of other heavy outer planets affecting your money situation their negative effects will not be as marked, and it may show a new path to financial recovery. If you have to go to court it would almost always indicate success, unless there was a very heavy contradictory planetary influence.

It is favorable for all types of honors and recognition, and achievement. It is a positive time to ask for favors, and it indicates favorable interaction with governments and government agencies. It indicates the clearing of the way for accomplishment of your ends. Whatever you undertake has a greater chance of success and unless other aspects show it, whatever you begin at this time has a far greater chance of success than at other times.

During the times Jupiter aspects the Sun individuals have greater potential for living up to your ambitions and fulfilling your dreams and ambitions. "Luck" has a greater chance of occurring at this time.

Jupiter-Sun is favorable for dealing with men. It is fortunate for the men in your life, Father, husband, boyfriend, and indicates prosperity on the male side of the family. It also indicates dealings with foreign people and creates foreign connections and travel to other places and countries.

As Jupiter is representative of men, women at this time are more likely to meet a man who plays a significant role in her social and romantic life, and it indicates men, in a general sense in all charts. This is the time to start new relationships, and enter into new arrangements whether business or personal. It brings men into the life who who play a beneficial or important part of your destiny and at times indicates marriage. If other transits allow, it is a very favorable time to marry. It represents younger men, married men, foreign men, attorneys, Dr's and men who are in some away connected with law or medicine, education, or are successful in their own fields. The relationships you begin at this time, will likely pay a significant role, especially for the water signs (we've waited for this now since 2006, you know).

Jupiter expands whatever it touches and this can include your waistline. Those with Jupiter aspecting their Sun are more prone to weight gain than at other times. "Times are good, let's eat" could be called a common motto with a Jupiter/Sun aspect. On the other hand, Jupiter brings a new courage and desire for newness and positivity to the life which could include looking and feeling better, thus diet and exercise. It takes some willpower to utilize these energies, but it does happen.

Words representative of Jupiter include courage, newness, banking, bonds, ,abundance, ambassadors, academic, aristocratic, legal, medical, careless, costly, comfortable, complacency, laziness, excessive, extravagant, formal, finances, good-will, important, income, jovial, luxury, lucky, opulence, reckless, rich, peace, peaceful death, inheritance.

At times, Jupiter in good aspect to the Sun creates a type of energy where no great effort is exerted or attention is not paid to your life in some area resulting in carelessness and careless decisions. It can create a false sense that security and good times will go on forever, when this is not the case. It is perfect for vacations and trips and the only drawback is things go so smoothly, the time slips away without the individually making significant effort to achieve their goals. In which case, life should be free of major worries for a while and you can get down to the business called living life. With Jupiter, the opportunities are there-the time is yours-the rest is up to you.






March 25, 2010
Neptune - The Shadow Voice of Love


I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, In life after life, in age forever.
-Rabindraneth Tagore

Neptune is the quiet voice within, urging us to seek the ideal love we secretly dream of. Neptune can lift us to the highest of highs, give us a deep spiritual connection, and fulfillment of our dream. Alternatively, it can sink us to the lowest of lows, to a deluded, debased, unfulfilled, self sacrificing and unhappy union with another that few people would actually call love. It all depends on how Neptune aspects the planets in your chart both natally, and as a transiting planet at different times in your life.

Neptune represents the dream, film-maker, unconditional love, religion and spirituality, psychic ability, trances, imagination, spiritual connections, death, drugs, crack, drug dealers, prostitutes, strip clubs, alcoholism, lies, deception, illusion and delusion, to name just a few of the words that describe this most complex of planets. It is the most mis-understood and overlooked of planets in the zodiac. To some extent Neptune is a generational planet, and some of its characteristics will be shared with everyone born in your generation. It also aspects each natal chart individually, creating situations that are unique to you. It is for us to understand it's placement in our charts, and what it is actually calling for us to find and experience or to avoid altogether. Neptune can represent both ecstasy and chaos.

Your experiences in love depend to some extent upon how Neptune is aspected in your individual chart. If you were born with Neptune in easy transit to the planet Venus, and other personal planets in your chart you may easily find the love of your dreams. If Neptune is in hard aspect to Venus or other planets you may have to be more careful about getting involved with the wrong types, people who will take advantage of you, and drag you down.

If you were born July 24, 1929-October 3, 1942, or April 18, 1943-August 2, 1943, you have Neptune in Virgo. Virgo is the natural ruler of the sixth house of health, work, service to others' and diet and fitness. Neptune in Virgo individuals may feel they experience a great deal of self-sacrifice where love is concerned, or confusion around the above areas. Many individuals of this generation feel they have sacrificed a great deal in service to their family or others' in their quest, and daily commitment to love. Health can sometimes be impaired by overwork, and these individuals would have no time for a lazy partner. Other's lack in this area may cause a great deal of unhappiness or sadness, they are left with the feeling of shouldering too much of the responsibility. Often you seek perfection. The lesson of Neptune is Virgo is the realization few individuals can come up to the standard of perfection, and that real love is not dependent upon shouldering all of the material and financial burdens, or making continual sacrifices in these areas, or requiring your partner to do so.

If you were born with Neptune in the latter degrees of the sign Virgo-roughly August 1941-July of 1943, you are experiencing Uranus opposing Neptune during the year 2010. This transit creates confusion, lack of clarity, the potential for breakups, erratic behavior on the part of yourself or your partner, which calls for the need for change and the acceptance of change. You may experience a lack of cooperation on the part of your partner, confusion of goals and objectives, and deception, as well as disruption of the personal life. Additionally, as Saturn retrogrades back into Virgo April-July of this year you may experience disappointment, depression, and the need to look at your partnerships in a very realistic manner. Saturn leaves Virgo July 22.

If you were born October 4, 1942-April 17, 1943 or August 2, 1943-December 25, 1955, or March 10, 1956-October 19, 1956, you were born with Neptune is Libra. Libra is the natural ruler of the seventh house of marriage and partnerships, and those born of this generation often experience confusion and lack of clarity in this area. Often these people feel they have been betrayed by others' both personally and professionally. Often, the partner is not seen clearly, and you may discover certain aspects of your partners' life that you did not know existed. Furthermore, it is the house of open enemies and often people with this placement may experience underhanded dealings with others at times in their life. You are idealistic toward your partners and often place them on a pedestal. You may attract a Neptunian type: alcoholics, drug addicts or very sensitive or artistic souls. At times you could view your partner as an enemy, but basically you are loyal. The lesson of Neptune in Libra is to remember true love does not require you to play the martyrdom role, and that viewing your partner in a realistic light will lead to a sounder relationship.

If you were born with Neptune in the early degrees of Libra, roughly the Neptune in Libra period between 1942-early 1945 you have been experiencing 2 major transits this year. Pluto square Neptune relates to psychological coercion by or toward the individual and the need to understand and regenerate the subconscious mind and what is going on within yourself and your relationship. This transit can relate to deception from or toward the individual, and depression. It can lead to a lack of emotional objectivity, emotional isolation, and the stimulation of unpleasant memories. If your Neptune degree is 1 or 2 degrees this transit will occur once more in the summer, if it is in the 3-6 degree range the transit will continue into next year. Pluto transits generally call for a regeneration or end of existing circumstances.

Secondly, if your Neptune degree is within 1-5 degrees, you have been experiencing Saturn conjunct Neptune. This transit relates to disappointment, depression,a nd the need to look at your partnerships in a very realistic manner. If your Neptune is within 1-3 degrees of Libra you will experience great stress and tension in your life June-August as Uranus moves into the sign Aires and opposes your Neptune. This will create a grand square with Saturn conjunct Neptune, opposing Uranus, and squared by Pluto. If your relationship has been limping along it may well break up all together at this time. If your relationship is basically sound, issues will surface, but it should withstand the stress and be stronger for it.

If you were born December 25, 1955-March 12, 1956, or October 20, 1956- June 16, 1957, or August 5, 1957-January 4, 1970, or May 4, 1970-November 6, 1970, you have Neptune in Scorpio. Scorpio in the natural ruler of the eighth house of sex, other peoples' money and values as well as joint resources, and it in these areas that Neptune will manifest itself in your life. It also represents the house of in depth psychology, death and transformation. Positive aspects with Neptune can mean you have spiritual and mystical insights into the hidden realms of life and the knowledge there is really no death, only transformation.

As the eighth house is connected with sex you may experience vague and uncertain states connected to your sexual involvement with others' and where to draw boundaries. With some people of this generation sex may exude an all powerful influence, and coined a generation where 'sexual addictions', are nothing unusual. Some engage in sexual acts that are debasing or considered out of the realm of what society considers normal. Otherwise you may always be sexually dreaming of someone other than the person you are with as the real thing may rarely live up to your expectations. Or alternatively, you live a life in a spiritually uplifting manner, manifesting the virtues of sacred love. Rarely, though does the latter happen. Occasionally, Neptune in Scorpio individuals become celibate by choice.

The eighth house is the part of your chart that concerns jointly held finances and assets, and you may experience confusion, and lack of clarity in this area, or it could become a major source of tension in your relationships. Some people with Neptune in Scorpio try to avoid taxes and repaying debt. The lesson of Neptune in Scorpio can be gained by choosing to build personal integrity and honesty in all of your dealings with others in the areas of sex and money, as well as the realization that a lack of boundaries in the area of sexuality should only be considered appropriate if your partner is in agreement.

If you were born in the latter years of the Neptune in Scorpio period, late 1968-1970 you are experiencing the generational Neptune square Neptune. This is a time when subconscious emotional problems may surface, and it can bring about depression, psychological withdrawal, or overindulgence. Confusion, delusion and illusion may be a theme during this year. You will have planetary help, however in the form of Uranus in Pisces trining Neptune, bringing about a new way of looking at matters, as well as spiritual insights and luck with technology. As Saturn retrogrades back into Virgo April-July your thinking should start to stabilize and you will further benefit from Jupiter trine Neptune this year, another planetary configuration that will bring spiritual gifts, improvement in your relationships, compassion and religious and spiritual inspiration as well as increased intuition.

If you were born January 5, 1970-May 3, 1970, November 7, 1970-January 19, 1984, or June 24, 1984-November 20, 1984 you were born with Neptune in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the natural ruler of the ninth house of travel, education, religion, as well as laws and moral and ethical values. Sagittarius is the ruler of outdoors and 'wide open spaces'. In true Sagittarius fashion, many of these people spread themselves too thin. The negative side of Neptune is Sagittarius is pompous or dictatorial behavior on the part of the self or partner. As the ninth house is concerned with ethical and moral values you may have high morals, although confusion and martyrdom may enter the picture, whether it be you or your partner. You or your partner's level of education may not connect you with the job you wish to attain and this can cause problems as well. You may view higher education as 'God," The ninth house concerns your outlook toward the world and you and your partner may have vague ideas on where your place is in the world. There may be overindulgence in drugs or alcohol. You may experience religious differences with your partner or potential partners. There can be a lack of awareness concerning the morals of others.' The lesson of Neptune is Sagittarius is to understand you have an inner sense that with time and age you will learn to trust, and stand up for your own convictions.

If you were born in the latter years of the Neptune in Sagittarius period, 1982-1984 you are experiencing the generational Uranus square Neptune this year. This transit can bring about a desire to evade responsibility by overindulging in drugs, alcohol, or other vices, or avoid responsibility and commitment altogether. It is a transit of confusion, and with Neptune there is always a possibility of being the victim or perpetrator of lies and deception, or simply misunderstandings. There can be confusion concerning goals and objectives, deception in joint finances, business matters relating to taxes, insurance and inheritance, disruption of family and domestic affairs and poor judgment in the choice of friends and partners.

If you were born January 19, 1984-June 24, 1984, November 22, 1984-January 28, 1998, August 24, 1998-November 27, 1998 you were born with Neptune in Capricorn. Capricorn is the natural ruler of the tenth house of priorities, business, career, reputation, and your place in society, and it is within these areas that the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion may make itself known. You may have a romantic ideal connected with our place in the real world or that of your partner. With Neptune in Capricorn you may believe the answer to life is years of hard work to carve out your career of choice, placing love and family on the back burner. Neptune in Capricorn questions who and what can be trusted. With Neptune in Capricorn you may at times feel that you are constantly in an sea of moralistic, nose-to-the-grindstone Puritanism, and must be productive at all times, never really enjoying yourself or doing things for pleasure. Alternatively, your partner may take this attitude.

The lesson of Neptune in Capricorn is is not to become moralistic if your partner doesn't null share all of your views, and understand you are not your business, and all work and no play makes Jack a dull-or single-boy (or girl).

If your were born within the early years of the Neptune in Capricorn period 1984-1987 you are experiencing the generational Pluto conjunct Neptune. This transit can create depression and often relates to situations involving lies, deception and miss-information. Your business life may be taking a drastic change of course during this period. You may experience seemingly miraculous supernatural experiences. There may be peculiar circumstances involving corporate and jointly held assets there is a need to regenerate the subconscious mind and ideas held from the past.

Additionally, you will experience Saturn squaring Neptune. This transit is a negative influence for relationships, often leading to disappointment, illusion and delusion, resulting in break ups. Past misdeeds may be revealed, and there may be feelings of guilt and it can become hard to deal with life on a day to day basis.

When Uranus enters Aries the last week of May, it will square Neptune creating and a lack of clarity where goals are concerned. You may desire to evade responsibility, and those around you may be deceptive, or you may be inclined to stretch the truth or avoid it altogether. June 22-August 14, 2010 Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto will create a T-Square involving your Neptune and relationships and other situations may be stretched to the breaking point. It will take a strong relationship to withstand such a configuration.

Neptune entered Aquarius January 30, 1998, and it will remain there until February of 2012. Neptune in Aquarius is the natural ruler of the eleventh house of friends, hopes and wishes, groups and organizations, and it is in these areas those born during this period will focus, idealize or delude themselves. Aquarius represents the 'world view,' society at large as well as idealism. The final chapter has yet to be written about this generation, but the harsher aspects may cause these individuals to seek out, or relate to individuals who delude them in some way, possible through drugs, alcohol or some type of religious belief or practice. Aquarius is the sign of the people, and America has an Aquarius moon. Aquarian's are known for their compassion of those less fortunate in the world, and to strangers, but those who live with them can at times consider them cold.

Aquarius can represent brilliance at its best, and represents the common good. It will be up to these individuals to remember that America was an original and unique experiment in democracy, which separated it from all the other kingdoms of Europe. Thus, the lesson for these people may well prove to be that while the common good of all individuals is always important, maintaining a one on one relationship requires focus upon your individual partner and an appreciation for all that is individual. If there were ever a group of people born who would be proponents of a one world government, these individuals may well fit the bill.





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